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Healing Natural Self

Auset (Isis) Advice

Get free advice from Auset (Isis) - Goddess of Divinity. Then choose to do what you believe is best.

Goddess of Divinity
Auset (Isis)
Creation:Ancient Egyptian history teaches us that Goddess Auset is the daughter of Goddess Nut & God Geb. Goddess Nut is the sky goddess and her daughter Auset is the Star System Sirius. Auset has many brothers and sisters as you can look up and see the sky has produced many stars but the star system Sirius is the brightest star system in our night sky. This is one of the reasons why our ancestors believed that Goddess Auset has a very powerful influence over the affairs of Earth.
Abilities:Our ancestors believed that Goddess Auset is the mother of human civilization. Goddess Auset is an extremely wise & divine Goddess and she works together with her husband Ausar. She gives her husband the wisdom to make the absolute best decisions and this leads to growth and prosperity for all the people in their community. With Auset and Ausar helping the people are able to make huge leaps of progression.
More Info: There are many stories about Goddess Auset but the most famous story is about how she and Ausar started Egypt(Kemet). Legend says that Auset's brother Ausar was a great king to the land and he and Auset helped many people learn how to grow crops and prosper. Because Ausar helped so many people he was very known and loved by the people. This made Ausar's brother Set jealous and Set killed Ausar and dismembered his body. Then Auset worked to find Ausar's body parts & she put is body back together and used magic to bring Ausar back to life. Then Auset used her magic to spiritually connect with Ausar & become pregnant. This is why our ancestors say Auset is a virgin mother because she never had sex she used her spiritual powers to produce her son Heru & her son vanquished Set and restored divine order to Egypt.

Learn more about the Ausar & Auset story.

Legend of How Ausar & Auset Started Egypt aka Kemet

Ascension The Aretalogy of Auset
I Am
Auset (Isis)
Ascension How to Keep Up Spiritual Fitness
How to Be Fit
Auset (Isis)
Ascension Sisterhood Power of Sweetness
Love, Praise & Thanks
Auset (Isis)
Ascension What is the REAL Goddess Agenda?
Getting Focused on the Real Agenda
Auset (Isis)
Ascension Auset Throne Chair
Sheppard meets the Ancient Chair
Auset (Isis)
Ascension What is the Sacred Womb of the Mind
show us the fruit of your womb
Auset (Isis)
Ascension Sacred Queen Auset Affirmations
Standing Strong with My Divine King
Auset (Isis)
Ascension Self Healing Meditation for Healthy Mind & Body
Grounding and Centering
Auset (Isis)
confidence in the Universe
Auset (Isis)
Ascension I am Born Supreme
BEMOOR Supreme
Auset (Isis)
Ascension Nurture Others
Be Caring and Nurturing
Auset (Isis)
Ascension Depend on the Lord
Have faith in the gods and goddesses
Auset (Isis)
Love How To Attract A Heru-King
Attract & keep a Heru type of man
Auset (Isis)
Love Be a Virgin
Say NO to Sex
Auset (Isis)
Love Relationship Love
Only love can handle it.
Auset (Isis)
Love How to Find a Perfect Prince
Finding the perfect Man of God
Auset (Isis)
Love How to love a Man of God
How to Know and Love Your Man
Auset (Isis)
Beauty View Temple of Auset & Learn
True Power
Auset (Isis)
Beauty How to Headwrap
instructions with illustrations
Auset (Isis)
Beauty Queens Stand Back to Be Noticed
Be a True Lady
Auset (Isis)
Beauty How to be a Queen
Women Were Smart
Auset (Isis)
Heaven Help All Levels of Life
Building Heaven on Earth
Auset (Isis)
Heaven Sophia Stewart author of The Third Eye (Mother of the Matrix)
A Conversation with Sophia Stewart The Mother of The Matrix
Auset (Isis)
Heaven Why the Sacred King Rules Humanity
Does a Matriarchy Create Ghettos
Auset (Isis)
Prayers Evoking The Mother Goddess - Auset(Isis)
Prayer to Goddess Auset
Auset (Isis)
Prayers Prayer Thanking Goddess Queen Auset
Heaven's Voice
Auset (Isis)
Prayers Self Growth Prayer to Goddess Queen Auset
Prayer Asking for Guidance and Self Growth
Auset (Isis)
Prayers I Love My King
Your Throne
Auset (Isis)
Prayers Prayer to Goddess Auset
Our Light & Our Inspiration
Auset (Isis)
Stories Legend of How Ausar & Auset Started Egypt aka Kemet
Auset Resurrected Ausar & Mothered Heru
Auset (Isis)

Peace & Love

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