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Healing Natural Self

Khepera Advice

Get free advice from Khepera - First Complete Consciousness of the Universe. Then choose to do what you believe is best.

First Complete Consciousness of the Universe
Creation:From out of the waters of chaos netjer Ptah created himself. Next netjer Ma'at created herself. Then netjer Ptah & netjer Ma'at worked together to help netjer Atum create himself. Next netjer Mut created herself & joined together with netjer Ptah, Ma'at & Atum. When all 4 parts of consciousness came together they became the First Complete Consciousness of the Universe netjer Khepera.
Abilities:Netjer Khepera is able to develop self from out of the waters of chaos(nothingness). Khepera includes the creativity of netjer Ptah, the truthfulness of netjer Ma'at, the administrative abilities of netjer Atum & social/interpersonal abilities of netjer Mut. Khepera the is the First Complete Consciousness of the Universe.
More Info:

Heaven Netjer Khepera - First Complete Consciousness of the Universe
Love to Netjer Khepera

Peace & Love

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