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History of the Moors

Goddess of Heroism - HetHeru

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Spirit of HetHeru Speaking
Spirit of HetHeru sharing her knowledge of the History of the Moors.

HetHeru El Bey

Jessica Fain

On my Moor-ish today...

MOOR=Moreno, Moros meaning Dark skinned Brown Dark

The root of the word Morenos is always denoting a Black Skinned Wooly-Haired Person also called in Latin 'Negra' taken from the Greek Neeger

The word Neeg'er is used in the New Testament Acts 13:1 where Simon and Barnabas are being called 'Black'

Latin is the language of the Romans and Greek predates it. So Negra in spanish is borrowed from the Greeks

The word Moor came into use in America after a Treaty was made between the Moroccan Sultan Sidi Abdullah Ibn Muhammad and George Washington

It was a treaty that Moors, who were brought over here to defend and protect the US as stated in Article 9 of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship

GW wrote this: The treaty with us to be observed and the just and generous measures taken in the case of Captain Proctor, make a deep impression on the US (cont)

It was a treaty that Moors, who were brought over here to defend and protect the US as stated in Article 9 of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship

GW wrote this: The treaty with us to be observed and the just and generous measures taken in the case of Captain Proctor, make a deep impression on the US (cont)

...and Confirm Their Respect For, and Attachments To Your Imperial Majesty...

There was mutual respect. This is the reason why you can go to Morocco today w/o needing a visa.

This is the only Islamic cntry where you can do that and the treaty has been renewed every 50 yrs as of 1836ad to the present under Art. 25

Here's the icing on the cake in Article 49 from 1705, it mentions MOORS as different than and alongside of Negroes

The title Moor is a nationality describing a specific stock of ppls pigmentation- that is skin color..

The point I'm reaching here is that the word Moor is found in documents in America pertaining to the Moroccans who came under the treaty

It was our Ancestors the Nuwaubian Moors and their offspring who built 471 mosques including Alhambra (sacred to the ORIGINAL Shriners)

They also built 300 public baths, 63000 houses for Nobles 200007 for common ppl and 800000 shops in Spain alone!

The color of the conquering soldiers were described down to the t."the reins of their (Moors) horses were as fire their faces BLACK AS PITCH

Their houses were air conditioned and they had bathrooms with hot and cold water (and the melanin defficient claim they started this #FOH)

Even their streets were lit by lamp posts at night...need I say More about the Moors, who brought in the European Renaissance?!?

Then they want to White wash history and give the euro/indo arabs the they def don't have 9ether (wooly) hair!!

Euro/Indo Arabs learned everything from the Moors who occupied Khamit, Baghdad, Morocco and other centers of culture originally

The late Dr. Chancellor Williams hit the nail on the head when he answered some questions regarding the Moors: (cont)

Now again just who were the Moors? The answer is very easy THE ORIGINAL MOORS LIKE THE ORIGINAL KAMITIANS WERE BLACK AFRICANS



Mfkas keep trying to give credit to the Greeks but too bad!!! They learned the Nuwaubian Moor Tama-Reans

The only reason Arabs are getting credit is bc of RASCISM of the scholars who deny and ignore the facts!!

The Moors and their ancestors were doing fine in Khamit and the rest of N. Africa until the Hyksos and Romans came biting off our culture

Trying to say the khamitians and others like the carthaginians, who were Moors were them, which again is a good story but er um its #False!

Who spread out and COVERED THE WORLD?

As a matter of FACT everybodies point of origin on this planet can be traced back to the Kenyapithecus and the Morotopithecus Bishopi..



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Creation:Het Heru has its seat in the gonads. Its Kamitic name is an indication of this fact. Het Heru literally means "house" (het) of Heru. Heru corresponds to those "solar" metabolic phase factors responsible for the virilization and masculinization of the adult male of the species. I.e., the metaphysical forces behind the production of androgen. In the Yoruba traditions, Heru is Shango, the patron of kings, who wears pants with exaggerated crotches to show that he "out-mans" all other men. With Het Heru, the emphasis is not on the hot gonadal expression of Heru, but on the cool, peaceful, joyous, refined charming, sexual arousal and seductive behavior that stimulates the production of estrogen and the female reproductive system.
Abilities:Goddess of Heroism, HetHeru is motivated to empower herself so she can help others. With help from higher gods & goddesses HetHeru can help and save many lives.
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Stories History of the Moors
Spirit of HetHeru Speaking

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