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Healing Natural Self

What is Kemetic Science?

God of Peace and Knowledge - Imhotep

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Study & Love of the Universe
Learn the inside truth about Kemetic Science and how it can help create more life for all.


Introduction to Kemetic Science

Many people think that Kemetic is an ancient religion but in reality it is an advanced science. For example our ancestors say that Shu is the god of the air, Tefnut is the goddess of moisture and Geb is the god of the Earth. This is similar to American elementary science class they teach phases of matter are gas, liquid & solid. But the difference is our Kemetic ancestors knew that the universe is alive. Our ancestors showed love & respect to the universe & gave the different parts of the universe names like gas is god Shu, liquid is goddess Tefnut & solid is god Geb. This helps scientific development like if you want your friend Tommy to help you work on a project you don't call your friend human you call him by his name Tommy. Loving and respecting Tommy increase the likeliness of him wanting to help you. Our ancestors knew that by loving, praising & thanking every part of the universe this would make growing with the universe much more productive. The universe is alive and each part of the universe has its own personality. We all need to feel loved and appreciated & we like receiving gifts from our loving friends & family. Every part of the universe wants to feel loved and appreciated also & this is why our Egyptian ancestors built so many temples & statues as tributes/gifts to the gods & goddesses.

Kemetic Science Accessing the Awareness & Intelligence of the Universe

So when we speak of Kemetic it is not a religion it is a science, the study & love of the living universe. We work with & serve our gods & goddesses(different parts of the universe) to develop life & give to all. By working in collaboration with the living universe we are accessing the awareness & intelligence of life. Our gods & goddesses are highly aware & they love to teach us, just like if you spend time with your loving friends they are happy to tell you about their life and what they are doing. We practice meditation, Yoga (Smai Tawi), Tantra Sex & many more methods that allow us to enjoy time with our gods & goddesses. Plus we serve the universe diligently so every part of the universe knows we are good friends who play, work & give love to all.

Benefits of Kemetic Science

American elementary science class can teach you how a flash light works & show you how to build a simple circuit. Thanks to elementary science you can make a light bulb produce light for you. Kemetic science the love & study of the universe enables us to make the best life possible for all. We work diligently with our gods & goddesses to create ways for life to be heavenly.

How Kemetic Science Works

In a religion like Christianity you don't need to study anything you can just show up and say Jesus Christ died for me, then pray & have faith that god will bless you. Putting faith in a religion like Jesus Christ or Allah is the best option for most people because religions do not require that you study & know what god is. With science you are required to know what you are working with because electricity, chemicals & elements can be dangerous and if you don't know what things are you are unlikely to be able to create with them. This is why most people can not practice Kemetic science because they are not willing to put forth the effort required to serve and work with living gods & goddesses. Kemetic science requires a high level of dedication, focus and work. But for the people who are willing to put in the time and energy Kemetic science allows you to know & work directly with the gods & goddesses in create blessings for all. We understand that not every body cell is a brain cell; we all have our own natural abilities and talents. Religions are great because the power if faith is real. We give love, praise & thanks to all religions who are working right now feeding the hungry & curing the sick in the name of Jesus Christ, Allah, Jah & many more. We also thank our ancestors for giving us Kemetic science so we can receive blessings by knowing exactly how the universe works & how we can create & contribute to the development of all life.

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What is Kemetic Science?

Imhotep World of One Love

Auset (Isis)

God of Peace and Knowledge
Creation:(Egyptian ii-m-ḥtp *jā-im-ḥatāp meaning "the one who comes in, with peace") was an Egyptian polymath,[1] who served under the Third Dynasty king, Djoser, as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. He is considered to be the first engineer[2], architect and physician in history
Abilities:Imhotep Master of Science, concentrates on researching and using science to create solutions & build a better life for all of humanity.
More Info:He was the world's first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid, is often recognized as the world's first doctor, a priest,. scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and a vizier and chief minister, though this role is unclear, to Djoser (reigned 2630–2611 BC), the second king of Egypt's third dynasty. He may have lived under as many as four kings. An inscription on one of that kings statues gives us Imhotep's titles as the "chancellor of the king of lower Egypt", the "first one under the king", the "administrator of the great mansion", the "hereditary Noble", the "high priest of Heliopolis", the "chief sculptor", and finally the "chief carpenter".

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