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Healing Natural Self

How to Claim Your Birthright

Leo Star Constellation - Maahes

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Queen Vallahra Renila EL teaching how to claim and protect your sovereignty.

Video of Queen Vallahra Renila EL Ankhesenamun teaching how to claim and protect your sovereignty.

Ascension Advice Egypt BEMOOR

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Auset (Isis)

Leo Star Constellation
Creation:Maahes is a son of netjer Nut & netjer Geb... His spirit lives through the Leo Star Constellation.
Abilities:Netjer Maahes is the powerful lion netjer who works to protect & build humanity.
More Info:Netjer Maahes is both a god of war and a guardian and a lord of the horizon. He was believed to help Ra fight against Apep in the solar barque each night, a god who protected the pharaoh while he was in battle.

Get free advice from Maahes - Leo Star Constellation. Then choose to do what you believe is best.

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